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Quesadillas - a quick and easy dinner

So we’re back after a month or so away. It took a while to get everything unpacked and also to get used to cooking in a new kitchen. What with all the stress involved with moving, Erika and I lost our appetites and our desire to try new things in the kitchen but I can safely say that the appetite has returned! This was confirmed today by spending much of the afternoon scoffing chinese food, hot chocolate and a deliciously sweet honeycomb and chocolate mousse at the Thames Festival.

After all that munching only a light dinner was required and quesadillas fitted the bill. They’re really tasty and take just three minutes each to make. Firstly, get your fillings ready in advance (I chose red onion, diced cooked chicken, sweetcorn and some red jalapeños; Erika had mushrooms, chicken and sweetcorn), grate some mature cheddar cheese then heat a little oil in a large frying pan. Spread a tortilla with some tomato purée, place it purée up in the pan then add your toppings as well as plenty of cheese. Top with another tortilla, then cook for around a minute, turn, then cook for a couple of minutes on the other side, giving it a good squeeze with a spatula to compress everything.

Slice into 6 then enjoy. We had ours with a simple salad.

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Oven-baked jacket potato with cheese and beans

I love jacket potatoes – they’re the ultimate comfort food for me. But they have to be done properly, in a preheated 180-190C oven for a minimum of 90 minutes so that soft, fluffy flesh is encased in a thick, crispy skin that gives the most satisfying crunch when you cut through it. (The Lurpak advert is a particular favourite of mine!). Jacket potato has to be the absolute nicest thing you can make with absolutely no effort (but admittedly a fair bit of patience).

No matter how many wonderful fillings I try (cottage cheese, ratatouille, chilli, coleslaw…) I always come back to the favourite – good old grated cheddar cheese and Heinz baked beans.

And that leads me to my question – what do you add first, the cheese or the beans? I’ve always insisted that the cheese goes first, but if ever I buy a (usually pretty disappointing) jacket potato for lunch it’s always done the other way. My argument is that the cheese should melt against the flesh of the potato, rather than just into the beans, but (as you can see from the photo) Rob disagrees – I’d love to hear your views!

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