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Chicken and chorizo paella

One of my best food moments is sitting outside at a pavement cafe on Rambla de Catalunya, just around the corner from Guadi’s Casa Milà in Barcelona. We had a wonderful tapas lunch of chorizo, pimientos de Padrón, tortilla de patatas, pan amb tomaquet and patatas bravas in the late September heat just before heading back to the airport to return home. Nothing about that meal is reproducable in the UK: sitting outside always involves dirty buses, loud police cars and beggars, and getting good spanish food is nigh-on impossible, although I’ve not yet eaten at Tapas Brindisa so maybe I could be proven wrong.

Erika and I are also fans of paella, but unfortunately the time that we had that in Barcelona was one of my worst food experiences. I won’t ruin the moment by going into any more detail but let’s say that we were starving and tired and it was the closest place. Regardless, we’ve cooked paella a few times at home in the past and always enjoyed it, so when deciding on meals for this week it came up as something I’ve not had for a while.

The recipe I follow is from delicious magazine. It’s not totally authentic: as I’m not a great seafood fan I go for a meat version but it’s nice all the same. The recipe is a bit confusing as it produces enough to freeze but involves cooking two panfulls at the same time. I say scrap that, halve everything and there will be enough to feed 4 hungry people. After 30 minutes of cooking you’ll have a fresh, spicy dish with a variety of textures and flavours ranging from the crunchy beans to the soft, slightly sticky rice.

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Pork and Chorizo Burgers

Pork and Chorizo Burgers

Erika is out for the day so I had an opportunity to do something a bit different for dinner. I prefer to try new things on myself first as it costs half as much and inconveniences half as many people should it go wrong. Sadly, my plans for dinner this evening fell through when Robert Dyas was closed due to a power cut. I needed to buy a utensil, and without it I couldn’t have the meal I’d planned. So I needed to think of something else.

As Erika doesn’t eat beef, pork or lamb I thought I ought to be using one of the three and this made me remember something I saw yesterday. Last night I was browsing Eat Like a Girl, and saw a recipe Fresh Garlic, Chorizo and Pork burgers. It sounded fantastic and although I commented on the post saying that I’d like to add chilli, I thought it would be best to have them the first time as per the original recipe. Unfortunately I was still outside Robert Dyas and I didn’t want to come home just to open my laptop and find the post; thankfully the wonders of modern technology saved the day and I had it on my iPhone in a matter of seconds. Then it was off to the supermarket to pick up the ingredients.

I scaled the recipe to use 200g of pork mince and about 40g of chorizo, although I didn’t have any fresh garlic. Looking around the kitchen for an alternative, I spied some spring onions looking a bit lonely in the fridge so finely chopped two of them and added them instead.

10 minutes on the griddle later and the burgers were done. I served them in some toasted ciabatta alongside sliced tomatoes, cucumber, rocket and a few slices of mature cheddar cheese. I used ciabatta instead of the recommended pita because I knew I’d have some unused chorizo in the fridge. Ciabatta and chorizo go wonderfully together with a drizzle of olive oil and some peppery rocket – I’ll look forward to that for lunch next week.

As for the chilli, I’m happy I left it out: the burgers were delicious without it. To be honest I’m not sure that it’s necessary, what with the peppery rocket and paprika-spiked chorizo. I’d gladly eat this again tomorrow.

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Asparagus, Poached Egg and Chorizo

We bought some asparagus at the farmers’ market this weekend so scoured the web for some inspiration. Usually we have it on the side but this time I wanted it to be one of the main parts of the dish. Thankfully Hugh Fearnley-Wibblewobble came to the rescue with his recipe for asparagus, poached eggs and chorizo.

Erika is scared of poaching eggs (she was first time lucky with them 4 years ago and hasn’t managed a good one since) and I can’t remember ever doing them before so tonight’s dinner was a bit of a worry but except for slightly overcooked eggs it was wonderful. We’ll definitely have it again. Alongside we served some boiled jersey royals with a bit of butter.

I love this time of year – the light evenings, the delicious fruit and vegetables. There’s much wonderful food to eat too – I’m looking forward to cherries and gooseberries now that June has begun.

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