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Griddled sea bream

We’ve used Jersey Royals a lot recently. In Tapas, salad and sautéed with tuna/steak. Need to make the most of the season as they do taste so good. However, we’ve not actually eaten them as they should be – boiled in their skins.

Tonight we did just that, serving them with a whole sea bream which was cooked on the griddle, as well as some dwarf beans. We drizzled the fish with olive oil, ground over some salt and pepper then stuck a few sprigs of thyme inside, along with a bit more oil. Unfortunately the fish stuck and so our dreams of a crispy skin (and a nice photo) were sadly dashed but the rest of it was lovely. I really enjoy griddled food – we don’t have a garden so it’s the closest we can get to a BBQ – however I’ve always been unsuccessful with fish skin for some reason. Some quick research shows that the pan might need to be hotter so I’ll have to try that next time around.

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Griddled jerk chicken with mango salad and steamed rice

We’ve had jerk chicken a couple of times, most memorably at The Mayor’s Thames Festival a couple of years ago (along with some delicious, blackened, barbequed corn), but tonight decided to try and make it ourselves. We used a recipe for Grilled Jerk Chicken, but in hindsight I’m not sure that was the ideal recipe as Wikipedia tells me that jerk involves a dry-rub whereas this recipe uses a marinade.

We made the marinade as instructed (although with 25% less chilli) and then griddled the chicken which we served with steamed rice and a mango salad (fresh mango, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and some fresh mint). It was okay and nice to have something different, but the chicken wasn’t anything particularly special – despite all the ingredients, there seemed to be very little flavour when it was actually cooked. We’ll have to hunt out a new recipe (suggestions welcome!)

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*stands up*. Hello, my name is Erika and… umm… I’m addicted to tuna steak. When the day comes that I’m famous enough to be invited onto Saturday Kitchen my food heaven will undoubtedly be a lovely, juicy piece of this wonderful fish (my food hell will be fresh coriander – bleurgh!). Rob decided he wanted steak tonight which, as I don’t eat beef (or lamb or pork or any other mammal for that matter), meant tuna was definitely on the menu for me.

Griddled tuna steak with sautéed Jersey Royal potatoes

Other than with salmon, I tend to like the flavour of my fish to come through, rather than have it masked in sauces or marinades and so tonight’s dinner simply required a little salt, pepper and olive oil plus a few minutes each side on the griddle. Annoyingly, when I cut into the tuna I realised I’d underestimated by a minute or so and it had turned out just a little bit rarer than I’d have liked, but better underdone than over I think!

We served our respective steaks with sautéed first-of-the-season Jersey Royal potatoes, which I feel was actually a bit of a mistake as their glorious flavour was lost in the process. We also had a side salad, but it wasn’t nearly exciting enough to deserve a photo!

Finally, can anyone explain the little bubbles that you can probably just see on my tuna?

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