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Steamed salmon with spring onions, ginger and a hot soy sauce dressing

The heatwave we’ve recently been suffering has made us want to eat lighter food and spend as much time as possible away from the heat of the kitchen. This recipe ticks both those boxes and is a distant relative of one for Turbot with Spring Onion, Ginger & Light Soya Dressing – I say a distant relative as I use a different fish and serve it with rice instead of potatoes, but the hot dressing is the same – we once saw on Come Dine with Me, a favourite show of Erika’s and mine.

I still remember the episode as the lady hosting the dinner party didn’t bother to cook and instead got her local brasserie to set up a mini version of their restaurant in her lounge. They leant her a table and chairs, then delivered all the food to her house whilst she conned her guests into thinking she’d cooked it herself. Despite the general premise of the programme, the sheer audacity of this woman amused us so much that we were quite pleased when she won!

Stir-fried spring greens with garlic and soy

Previously we’ve served with with some veg along the lines of mange tout but this time bought some spring greens; I used a recipe from Riverford Organics for spring greens with with garlic and soy sauce.

Steamed Salmon with Ginger and Spring Onions
Serves 2
Prep time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 20 minutes

2 skinless fillets of salmon
6 or 7 spring onions, sliced finely lengthways
50ml groundnut oil
thumb-sized piece of ginger, finely chopped
light soy sauce

Preheat the oven to 220c. Whilst preheating, slice the spring onions as this can take a while!

Get two long pieces of kitchen foil (around 50cm long) and place the salmon in the middle. Season with a little salt and pepper, then top with half the ginger and 1/8 of the spring onions. Make a tall parcel and add 2tbsp of water, then seal and put into the oven for about 12 minutes.

With a few minutes remaining, cook the spring greens according to the recipe.

Plate up the fish and put half the remaining spring onion onto each fillet then add 1tsp of soy sauce. Meanwhile (there’s a fair amount of multi-tasking here) be heating the groundnut oil in a frying pan over a medium heat for a minute or so until it gets very hot. I have an infrared thermometer and take a reading of around 220c. I find that it gets to temperature in the time it takes to get the fish on the plate. Pour 2 dessert spoons of the hot oil over the spring onions to create a hot dressing. The recipe warns: “The amount you use is key to the success of the dish, as too much or too little can ruin the whole thing”.

Serve with plain steamed rice and the spring greens. This is one of our favourite recipes – the way the salmon melts on your tongue is incredible – and I’m amazed it’s taken us this long to bring it to the blog, we hope you’ll give it a try!

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Sweet potato, spinach, feta & roasted pepper frittata

Rob is definitely the only proper cook in this household. I can competently follow a recipe and deliver something delicious at the end of it, but when it comes to having to think for myself I’m pretty rubbish. So I’m going to try and challenge that and see if I can sometimes just look to recipes for inspiration rather than prescription. Rob had a large lunch out today, so I was left to my own devices this evening and felt I owed you, our lovely readers, something a little more thoughtful than yet more tortellini!

I flicked through BBC Good Food’s 101 Meals for Two book and came across a recipe for feta and tuna frittata. The idea of frittata sounded good and I absolutely adore feta cheese, but I wasn’t really feeling the tuna so turned to Google to see where else I could take these ideas. I came across a Gordon Ramsay recipe for Sweet Potato, Spinach and Feta Fritatta and decided that sounded like a much nicer idea – I’d use the recipe’s flavours, but make it up as I went along.

First things first, I switched on the grill to let it preheat to a medium heat. I peeled and cut a medium sweet potato into chunks and then tossed them into a frying pan with some olive oil – I made my first two mistakes here, the pieces of sweet potato were much too large so never cooked through properly and the pan was on too high a heat so they browned a little too quickly. While the sweet potato cooked(ish), I diagonally sliced 4 small red spring onions (I’d have been quite happy using two normal spring onions, but Monday nights seem to be an awful time for food shopping – I had to go to three supermarkets just to find a sweet potato!) and added them to the pan. Next, I chopped up some baby spinach leaves, rescued a few bits of roasted pepper from an oily jar (washing them well) and then cracked four large free-range eggs into a bowl, whisking them together with a little salt and pepper. I then stirred the spinach and peppers into the sweet potato and spring onions along with some crumbled feta and a few shavings of Grana Padano cheese before adding the egg.

After a few minutes, when I could see the egg starting to set around the sides, I transferred the pan to the grill for a further few minutes until the top of the frittata had set. Mistake number three had now occurred; I ran a spatula around the sides of the pan and slid it onto a plate, but when I cut into it I realised that the egg hadn’t set completely in the middle and was still runny, boo 😦

I cut the frittata into quarters and had two of them alongside a simple salad of baby spinach, halved British santini tomatoes, some slices of that lovely red spring onion and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. The flavours of the frittata were lovely and worked beautifully together, but the slightly-too-firm sweet potato and sloppy egg didn’t offer the most amazing of textures. Oh well Erika, better luck next time!

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