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Summer soup

I’m really not a soup person. There’s something about the texture that I find to be really lacking so that getting through a bowl is more of a chore than enjoyment. However, I’ve recently been craving a bright green soup and yes, it really was the colour that I was thinking about rather than the flavour, which I assumed would include peas, mint and possibly not much else. It seems silly, but in my mind I could just see the freshness and set about finding a recipe. I came across a recipe for 15-minute summer soup and it looked like it was exactly what I was after. I made it tonight while Rob had his lamb koftas.

I pretty much followed the recipe exactly (half quantities) but with slightly less courgette (I didn’t have enough) and with rocket instead of watercress (not a watercress fan). The final result was surprisingly watery – I didn’t really mind, but you might want to use less water and then add more as you blend to get the consistency you want. It tasted great – exactly what I was after and I got through almost the whole lot (well, at 100kcal per portion, why not?!).

I’m definitely not a soup convert, but at least this is another one that will probably work for me at times (along with Rob’s delicious mexican bean soup!)

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We’ve been trying to organise our online recipes. I have a Recipe Binder on the Good Food website, but that’s only useful for recipes on the site, Rob and I have both been bookmarking but such things tend to get disorganised and forgotten about. So the solution? We’ve created a Grubs Up account over at Delicious (the bookmarking site rather than the foodie magazine!) where we intend to save all the lovely recipes we come across. For new recipes, we have a “not-tried” tag, and that’s where the inspiration for tonight’s dinner came from.

Tandoori chicken skewers with pea shoot, cucumber & red onion salad, and chapattis

The original Chicken Tikka Skewers recipe calls for a marinade of natural yoghurt and hot curry paste, which we substituted for tandoori paste that we already had (hence our rather pinker skewers!). We also left out the coriander leaves from the salad; a cardinal sin for some, but I can’t stand the stuff and will avoid noticeable amounts of it at all costs! Other than that, we followed the recipe to the word, trying pea shoots (nice and fresh with a delicate sugar-snap flavour) and chapattis for the first time.

And the verdict? Absolutely delicious, very light and a definite one to have again – would also make a perfect cold lunch (unfortunately we only considered this when it was too late to buy extra chicken!).

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