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Gammon, eggs and bubble and squeak

Making bubble & squeak is a tasty way of using up leftover vegetables. Unfortunately due to visiting the pub the night before we never had the meal which would have created said leftovers. So tonight we made some mashed potato and and cooked some savoy cabbage in preparation for dinner. The potato is required for the bubble and squeak but you don’t have to use just cabbage – leftover brussels sprouts, peas and carrots add to the flavour and texture.

Whilst the griddle was preheating for the gammon, we mixed the potato with the cabbage, added some salt and pepper then formed into cakes. Once in the pan they only take 10 minutes or so, turning halfway through. Meanwhile the gigantic piece of gammon was cooked on the griddle for 3 or 4 minutes on each side. Just before plating up I fried a couple of eggs to serve alongside (Erika had baked beans instead of gammon).

We had bubble & squeak because I was looking for something different to have with the gammon as I didn’t feel like mash and I’m not great at making chips or potato wedges. In the end it was a good combination: everything in the dish went well together – especially the runny egg yolk and the bubble and squeak.

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Asparagus, Poached Egg and Chorizo

We bought some asparagus at the farmers’ market this weekend so scoured the web for some inspiration. Usually we have it on the side but this time I wanted it to be one of the main parts of the dish. Thankfully Hugh Fearnley-Wibblewobble came to the rescue with his recipe for asparagus, poached eggs and chorizo.

Erika is scared of poaching eggs (she was first time lucky with them 4 years ago and hasn’t managed a good one since) and I can’t remember ever doing them before so tonight’s dinner was a bit of a worry but except for slightly overcooked eggs it was wonderful. We’ll definitely have it again. Alongside we served some boiled jersey royals with a bit of butter.

I love this time of year – the light evenings, the delicious fruit and vegetables. There’s much wonderful food to eat too – I’m looking forward to cherries and gooseberries now that June has begun.

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